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One health is a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach to deal with the health issues arising at human-animal-ecosystem interface. The one health approach plays a significant role in the prevention and control of zoonoses. It has been noted that approximately 75% of new emerging human infectious diseases are defined as zoonotic, meaning that they may be naturally transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans. New and re-emerging zoonoses have evolved throughout the last three decades partly as a consequence of the increasing interdependence of humans on animals and their products and our close association with companion animals. Zoonoses should therefore be considered the single most critical risk factor to human health and well-being, with regard to infectious diseases. Of the 1,461 infectious diseases recognized to occur in humans by the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, approximately 60% are caused by multi host pathogens, characterized by their movement across various species. This gives significant credence to the importance of examining health effects across species, in order to fully understand the public health and economic impact of such diseases and to help implement treatment and preventive programs. The one health concept is a broad term that covers a variety of subcategories identified as bioterrorism, animals as predictors for disease, and the psychological bonds that can exist between animal and human.

The key goals of One Health Approach are following-

 Establishing the necessary institutional arrangements to enable effective collaboration between sectors involved.

 Developing necessary capacity and technical procedures to prevent and control targeted emerging infectious diseases. The institutional arrangement for One Health Approach: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare convened an Inter-Ministerial Meeting for Institutionalization of One Health in Bangladesh on 14 June, 2016. The Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare chaired the Inter-ministerial which was attended by One Health Partner Ministries, Implementing Agencies, WHO, FAO, USAID, ICDDRB, IUCN, Preparedness and response project among others.